Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had yesterday off from work so Iwent to a thrift shop to see what I could find. Picked up these oil and vinegar jars with the Spring Blossom pattern on them. I know they aren't made by Pyrex, but they do coordinate with my favorite pattern :) I'd love to trade these though, maybe for some salt & pepper shakers or a butter dish. We'll see :)

I also got this vintage pattern. There were 2 big boxes of patterns, but most of them were 80's. I did manage to pick out this little gem and I'd love to make it up. I haven't pulled it out to see if all the pieces are there, but if they are I would love to make the dress in a navy blue knit. I'm planning to hit a few flea markets this weekend and I have been seeing church fairs being advertised for October, so hopefully my thrifting luck will keep up!

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Betty said...

I have that same set of cruets. Even though they're Gemco, I like the pattern. Unfortunately, my oil cruet lid had some sort of weird, bright green goop stuck inside. It turned out to be a mixture of old oil and chromium oxide from the chrome lid. When I cleaned it out, the inside plastic liner disintegrated. It seems the lids don't hold up very well. So if yours are in good shape, you're blessed.