Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have I Told You About My Other Addiction?

Yes, besides sewing and fabric I am totally addicted to collecting PYREX! I know I have mentioned it here before, but I have found some real gems lately that I wanted to share. I also found a great new blog that I want to mention as well...
I have also found pieces at antique stores, thrift shops, church fairs and flea markets and a couple of pieces were gifts. I love to look for Pyrex, it's the thrill of the hunt I suppose. I did buy my loaf pan on ebay, but I really really wanted it! You can see more pictures (if you are interested :) on my flickr page.

The blog that I mentioned is called The Pyrex Collective. I love to see other people's Pyrex and read about how they found it as well. There are also several groups on flickr devoted to the love of Pyrex. I'm hoping to hunt for some new pieces this weekend!


Cathy said...

Looks like you'll need some shelving to show that stuff off!!!!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Love this blog. You are so Pyrex Collective. I love the pattern with the cat. I've never seen it before.
Nice collection.