Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Hello all!

Well, as this post title suggest, this weekend is my birthday weekend (actual day - Monday). My family is having a party for me tonight, which I'm really looking forward to, it's going to be so much fun! Tomorrow, I have nothing planned - and I'm keeping it that way! I want to sleep in and then I'm going to work on some projects that I have been wanting to make for a while. Like this wristlet, this key fob, along with working on some of the many tutorials I have bookmarked and also starting some work on the billion patterns I have lined up - at least cutting some out. That's my gift to myself, some quality time in the sewing room :-)

I hope to have some finished products to show off on Monday - enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finished Finished Finished!

I'm so excited to have completed this quilt! I love it - I think it came out great :-) I'm not showing you guys my corners, so don't even ask!!! This was a lot of fun to put together, even though it took sooooo long! I had originally planned to make my own binding, but in the end, I machine-attached purchased binding. I accidentally bought 2 packages of smaller sized binding, so the long edges have wide bindings, the shorter edges have thinner binding. Like Tim Gunn says, "make it work," and I did! I really, really love it, although I'm in no hurry to make another one!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Office

My new job has me thinking about some fun new office supplies. Here are a few tutorials that I've found that I'm hoping to try out sometime soon.

Decorate office supplies with fabric from How About Orange

DIY pencil cup also at How About Orange

Thumbtacks at How About Orange (can you tell I love her blog??)

Mouse Pad at Armelle Blog

Another mouse pad at twelve22

Next Up

Here are the patterns I bought this weekend. I got a couple of knit tops, along with some chocolate brown and teal blue cotton knit fabric to make these up. I hope to make the skirt soon too, the gray would look great with some tall boots. What's next on your sewing agenda?

Looming Deadline

It's 6:15 pm........I have 2 pairs of pants to hem (mark, pin and then hem) and my quilt is not bound!

I have some new patterns and fabric to show you, as well as a new sewing book. Hopefully I will show you this week! I hope the hemming goes quick - maybe I can at least pin the binding....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing in Action

Hello friends,

I didn't mean to disappear for 10 days, but I have. So much going on (all good!) and not much time has meant very little sewing production. I did manage to sandwich my quilt and I began quilting it. I have to admit that binding this quilt is scaring me a bit, but I really want it to be done. Hopefully by the end of this long weekend, I will have a finished quilt. I am warning you professionals out there, I am NOT hand stitching the binding. If I do that, this quilt will be finished sometime in 2020!

I have so much that I want to work on, but I feel like I cannot move on while the quilt is unfinished. I believe that Simplicity patterns are on sale this weekend, so I'd like to pick up a few knit top patterns. I also would like to make a simple black a-line skirt. I got a promotion at work (!) and now I need a whole new wardrobe (I really do, I was wearing a uniform before and outside of work I am a jeans/t-shirt girl). I will probably purchase a lot, but I do want to work on a few simple pieces to wear as well. I not only want to update my work wardrobe, but also my off-duty outfits as well. I know I've mentioned that I'm turning 30 (really, really soon!) so I would like to start dressing in a nicer, casual way - more like a 30 year old woman and less like a 17 year old! I'm thinking nice boots, knit tops, good fitting jeans, a pretty scarf and some simple jewelry. I'll be a work in progress, but look for some posts (and pictures, I promise) of my upgrades. And please hold me accountable, I need to finish this quilt!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Close

The quilt top is complete! I was in New Hampshire last weekend, so no sewing was done, but I was able to complete the last 3 rows during little bits of time during the week. I also trimmed the batting to fit, so I just need to get the backing and start quilting - which I plan to do on Saturday. I looked up walking feet online and they are pretty pricey - especially for just one quilt. So, I'm going to brave this quilt top without one. I have enjoyed putting this together, but I don't foresee much more quilting in my future. I have a million different projects that I want to start next!
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