Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've Been Around

Hello. I know I haven't posted in a bit, but I have been sewing - I made a drawstring bag for my father - I'm going to put golf tees in it - a dog coat for my brother's dog (no picture yet, I can't get a good photo of it - look for one after Christmas) - and a library bag for my grandmother. I also bought some great fabrics for some runners and pillows. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Sewing - For my Nephew

I know I said that I'm going to make some Christmas gifts this year, so the next one I plan to work on is for my nephew - here he is:

And here is what I'm going to make him - I just need to measure him and buy some fleece - I'm thinking Patriots themed fleece - this looks pretty simple and it should work up quick, I'll post pictures when I'm done - hmm I might make the capelet for myself (not in Patriots fleece though!)!!

In other news, my serger is still acting up. I have threaded and rethreaded a thousand times. Luckily there is a sewing center near me, I'm going to bring it down there and see if they can show me what I'm doing wrong. I hit the jackpot with vintage notions at a church fair yesterday, I need to go through them and see what I ended up with. I also got a great vintage sewing box, I'll post some pictures once I get it cleaned up!

Planning Winter Sewing

{Image from}

One of the projects that I plan on working on over the winter-time (after Christmas sewing is done) are some pillows and a table runner for my coffee table. I saw this tutorial today that I think I'm going to follow for the runner - it's quilted, so I can work on a quilt without it being a huge project. I'm also going to be hunting around online for a log-cabin pillow tutorial. I do love to patchwork!

Christmas Sewing - Labeled

I decided that this year I was going to start my Christmas shopping early and I'm even making a few gifts. I made this dress for my goddaughter, who loves Dora the Explorer.

I planned to serge the side seams, but my serger was acting up (my lower looper thread keeps getting cut - I tried all afternoon to fix it, but no luck). I had to give that idea up if I wanted to finish the dress today, so I ran to Joann's and got some bias binding. I like how it came out and I may hem it with the binding as well. My mother had suggested snaps, but I was planning on putting on buttons. However, since I have already sworn at this dress more than I should, I may take the easy way out and put snaps in.

I even got to use my labels - my mom got these for me ages ago, but I kept forgetting to use them. All that remains are snaps and a hem - one gift complete! I just pray it fits!!!

While I was at Joann's I picked up 2 new patterns and this new magazine, which had a bunch of great projects in it, including a full-size pattern for a skirt. I'm off to Barnes and Noble, I want to see if they have Alicia Paulson's new book in stock - have a great week!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming Up

I bought some cheap knit at Joann's to try this pattern out. I really want to sew clothing, so I better get practicing! I'm making the main photo, and I found a brown knit to try it in. I'm skipping the inset, I figure I can just wear a tank top with it. I like the other tops in this pattern, so I'm hoping it comes out good :-)

I wanted to share a tutorial I found for making key fobs. I purchased a tute off of etsy ages ago for this, but I found this one more recently and it's just as good. I bought the necessary hardware from jcaroline - I have ordered from them before and they are great, good selection and quick shipping. I'm actually waiting for some great ribbons to come in from them. I'll show them once they arrive.


I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to make a card case to put all of my gift cards in. I have a bad habit of leaving them home, so I whipped this up to carry them along with me. This pattern is great, although I think next time I will enlarge the seam allowances a bit, the area where I turned the case right side out is a little wonky and I think that will help. I purchased the pattern here, I have bought a few patterns from keykalou now and she sends them out super fast. This will be the last item in this fabric - I'm ready to move on!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally - Sewing Time

Hello there!
I have been finding some time to craft over the last 2 weekends. Last weekend I made a great wristlet, except that the zipper was too short. I redid it this weekend and it came out great! I also made a matching key fob to go with it. The pattern is from Oh, Fransson, and I think this is the best wristlet I have made so far. During the development of her pattern, Elizabeth made wristlets in different styles (check them out, as well as her other amazing projects, on her blog) including one in silk dupioni, which I would like to try. The pattern is really well written with lots of photos, options to customize your wristlet,and the best way to install a zipper I have found so far. The fabric is Amy Butler and I loooove it. I might have to make a tote out of it, if I have enough left.

I also made this little fabric box from a tutorial found on the Pink Penguin. It's a little bit wonky, but still cute. It matches my quilt :-)

Next up, I want to make a business card case to match my wristlet, then I'm going to move on to a knit top. I also treated myself to some new patterns, I hope to make these up soon as well. Enjoy your weekend!