Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big Score

I was on a mission today. I decided I was going to go ahead and buy the Singer machine I have been looking at. Unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere, so I had to order it online. However, during my travels today I made a major score....Amy Butler fabric and patterns in a local store!!!! I couldn't resist, so I ended up with the Weekender Bag and the Intown Bags patterns plus two fabrics from the Belle Line. I also got some Timtex, as I have never seen this in a store either. So, it wasn't a wasted day at all! And, because I don't have enough patterns (yeah, right!), I had to immediately purchase this new pattern from JennaLou, available for presale. Now the question is, will I ever complete even half of the projects I want to? :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finished Objects and Frustration

Here is the finished gift set I made for my friend. The bag is Simplicity 4668 which I love. This bag went together so easily that I was able to sew it up in an afternoon. It's hard to tell, but the fabric is a soft green canvas. This made for a sturdy bag, but I still interfaced it. The lining is a pretty light purple print. The two zippered pouches are made of the same material and both have light purple zippers. I hope she likes her set!

The frustration part of this post is from the fact that my machine is acting up again. I was sewing up a wristlet (that I wanted to take out tonight), and was halfway finished when I broke a needle (which has been happening a lot lately). Anyway, after that, the machine will not thread. I have tried for a half an hour to thread the thing and no luck. Now I'm thinking that I should take my work bonus and get a new machine! I have way too many projects lined up to deal with this! I was looking at this Singer Ingenuity...any thoughts?

Lastly, here is a cute little pincushion that arrived in the mail today from etsy seller Natalie Rensink of Pincushion Alley. Isn't it adorable!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Because I don't already have enough patterns...

Montessori by hand has just published two new adorable patterns and you can win one of them here. I think this has to be the most stylish apron pattern I have seen yet!

I finished the gift set for my friend this weekend and they came out perfect! Hopefully I will get some pictures taken this week to post up here. I also received some of the fabric I ordered and more is on the way. On President's Day, I broke down and got this pattern (I can't resist the 99 cent sale) and some more fabric to make for a beach cover up before I go to Florida. I hope I have the time for all of my projects!

I promise some finished object pictures and fabric pictures in my next the weekend!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the projects I'm working on this weekend. First up is a gift set for my best friend who is turning 30 this week. I'm making a tote bag and two zipper pouches. I love the fabrics I'm working on for this, the outer fabric is a soft green canvas from Joann's and the lining is a purple print also from Joann's. Everything is cut out for the set, so all that needs to be done is to sew it together. My next project is going to be a hat and tote bag for my trip to Florida in March. Good thing this is a long weekend, I have a lot to work on! I'm also expecting some fabric in the mail this week for another gift. More detailed pictures will be posted as the projects are finished!

Also, the little pincushion in the middle is from etsy seller dottyral. It's an emery pincushion which is supposed to help keep your pins sharp. :-)
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not calling it failure...

More like a learning experience...this jacket was SO CLOSE to coming out perfect! The parts that I thought would be the most difficult (the collar, the sleeves) weren't as bad as attaching the lining and the jacket along the bottom. Everything else came out good, but this just wouldn't work. You can see in this next picture how funky it looks:

However, like I said, this was a learning experience. I think I will try this jacket again, but my fabric choice will be different. The apple corderoy and the slippery lining fabric did not want to work for me. If I do this pattern again, it will be in a lightweight denim with a cotton lining. Aaahh easy to sew with! I did make this ipod pillow for my room, which came out pretty good:

I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I'm not letting this unfinished jacket get me down. I saw this skirt made up and I think I might try it for my next big item. I might even get the same's called Katie Jump Rope! It'll be perfect for next month's trip to Florida!

In the meantime, I'm going to work on some simpler projects. I think this will go together easier next time, but I have many other items I want to work on and I like things that go together a little quicker. Look for some bags and a little hat for Florida and for some work to begin on the Anna Tunic and the wrap skirt mentioned above. Have a great week!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Wow, I have just realized that I haven't posted at all during the month of February! But, I haven't been sewing either, so that is probably why. In my defense, I started a new position at work, so my schedule changed and I'm still getting used to it. I'm trying to do all the boring errands during the week so that my weekends will be free for sewing. The jacket is still unfinished, but I am determined to finish it this weekend. I have gotten some sewing related items in the mail though. I got two new patterns in the mail this week: the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler and the Fiona Handbag by JennaLou Designs. Last week I got an adorable planner by SimbiosisbyJulia. JennaLou and SimbiosisbyJulia are two of my favorite shops on etsy. I also read their blogs and love to see what they are creating next. They both sew for a career (I'm so jealous!). Check out their shops and blogs, you won't be disappointed!

I promise their will be more frequent updating and more pictures soon!