Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fabric Dreaming

Hello there! I haven't blogged on here in a little bit and I've missed it! I have definitely been keeping up with my blog reading though and I've been dreaming about fabric and sewing and such :)

I did purchase a little bit of fabric from this nice etsy seller who helped me out when I suddenly decided (seconds after completing my purchase) that I needed one more item and she set up a special listing for me immediately with combined shipping :) I love buying on etsy and supporting small businesses. So, the fabric I had to have? Two charm square packs of Dream On. I love love love this line! It's on sale right now here, so I think I'm going to get some more. I want to make a quilt with it. I'm not sure yet which pattern I will use, but I'm going to start it in January and it will be a fun winter project for me :)

I've also found some really nice fabrics at Joann's lately. There is a rayon spandex knit that I look at every time I go in. It's on the expensive side in my opinion though, so I'm going to purchase something similar from an online site instead. I also have been lusting after a beautiful ivory jacquard in a houndstooth print. I think I'm going to use a coupon and pick that one up this week (they are having great sales right now) and just add it to my stash. Someday this will make a great coat :) I also found a pretty purple and black plaid that I may pick up as well. We'll see about that one :) I wanted to find a plaid to make a cape like the one I saw here, but I don't know if this is warm enough for what I wanted. It might make a cute layer for work. After Christmas I'm really going to focus on garments (and my quilt!) and working on improving my sewing so look for some more fabric purchases soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love having winter projects! Makes the time fly by - and then you've got something nice for yourself. 2011 will be a productive year for you, I'm sure!