Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Sewing - Labeled

I decided that this year I was going to start my Christmas shopping early and I'm even making a few gifts. I made this dress for my goddaughter, who loves Dora the Explorer.

I planned to serge the side seams, but my serger was acting up (my lower looper thread keeps getting cut - I tried all afternoon to fix it, but no luck). I had to give that idea up if I wanted to finish the dress today, so I ran to Joann's and got some bias binding. I like how it came out and I may hem it with the binding as well. My mother had suggested snaps, but I was planning on putting on buttons. However, since I have already sworn at this dress more than I should, I may take the easy way out and put snaps in.

I even got to use my labels - my mom got these for me ages ago, but I kept forgetting to use them. All that remains are snaps and a hem - one gift complete! I just pray it fits!!!

While I was at Joann's I picked up 2 new patterns and this new magazine, which had a bunch of great projects in it, including a full-size pattern for a skirt. I'm off to Barnes and Noble, I want to see if they have Alicia Paulson's new book in stock - have a great week!


Mama de Saga said...

She is going to love that dress. I love those seams, beautiful. I really get excited about well done seams. I can't wait to get that magazine.

Cathy... said...

The dress came out great!!!!! She'll look adorable in it, too.

Philigry said...

oh, so sweet! my daughter loves dora. great job!