Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas Sewing - For my Nephew

I know I said that I'm going to make some Christmas gifts this year, so the next one I plan to work on is for my nephew - here he is:

And here is what I'm going to make him - I just need to measure him and buy some fleece - I'm thinking Patriots themed fleece - this looks pretty simple and it should work up quick, I'll post pictures when I'm done - hmm I might make the capelet for myself (not in Patriots fleece though!)!!

In other news, my serger is still acting up. I have threaded and rethreaded a thousand times. Luckily there is a sewing center near me, I'm going to bring it down there and see if they can show me what I'm doing wrong. I hit the jackpot with vintage notions at a church fair yesterday, I need to go through them and see what I ended up with. I also got a great vintage sewing box, I'll post some pictures once I get it cleaned up!

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Julie said...

Your nephew is adorable!!