Sunday, September 7, 2008

Step by Step

Confession - I haven't started my quilt. I cut out the squares (I hope I have enough). I think about it daily. I have not purchased the sheet to back it. I have not made the bias binding (how long?). I'm still not sure I cut enough squares. But, I can't wait to have a finished quilt. So, my goal for this week (in between 2 classes, my full time job and classes for the promotional exam at the job) is to start piecing (maybe?). My goal for yesterday was to buy the sheet and figure out if I have enough squares. That didn't happen though, so it will be added to this weeks goal - no worries! Little steps will result in a finished quilt a lot quicker than just fantasizing about it!
PS - Check out the bag my mom made - isn't the fabric great?! Nice job, Mom!!

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Jessica said...

Oh, you have started the cut it all out!!! I normally make the whole quilt top before buying the backing sheet or making the binding. That way you know exactly the size to buy and how long to make the binding. I cannot wait to see what your quilt looks like!!! Good luck this week, it looks like a busy one!