Monday, September 1, 2008

The High Street Messenger bag is finally finished and ended up a success! I pinned and pressed and edge stitched on Saturday and then today I ripped out part of the edge stitching on the flap and restitched it. Now, it's finished and I love it :-) Here are some pictures, you can read a full review here.
I finally had a chance to make the Black Apple Doll that was featured with Emily Martin on Martha Stewart. This was a really simple project and it came out really cute! It's going to be a gift for a little 1 year old girl, along with an embroidered pilllow that hopefully I can show you next week.
Lastly, I cut out the pieces for my quilt! I hope to start piecing this together next weekend. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, I'm ready for fall now - how about you?


Mama de Saga said...

Yeah, you did it! It looks great. That little doll is so cute. What a good sewing weekend you had.
I also cannot wait for fall!

Mom2fur said...

Beautiful work! I love the way the bag has all those little compartments.
The dolly is adorable!

Cathy... said...

What a beautiful bag! Great job!!!! And, the doll is soooo cute. She'll love it. :)