Sunday, August 3, 2008

Progress and Pattern Review

I began work on my Anna Tunic today. I didn't get the time to spend the entire day in my sewing room, but I did serge the side seams of both the tunic exterior and the lining. I plan on taking my time with this one, I really want it to come out good. Check out those serged seams:

*sigh* I love my serger! Sorry, no pics of my t-shirt yet, I totally forgot today. I plan on making a few more, so they will appear at some point!

I also put 2 new reviews up on Pattern Review. This website is a fantastic source of information for sewers. I love browsing through the reviews for patterns to find new inspiration and I checked here before purchasing my sewing machine and my serger. I plan on adding reviews as I work on patterns or read sewing books, and I will let you know here when I do. You can find my review on my Singer Ingenuity sewing machine here and my review on Sew U: Home Stretch right here.

And, a first for me - I've been tagged! Mama de Saga from Bon Souvenir has tagged me and I have been thinking all day of clever responses. I don't know how clever these will be, but they certainly are random!

1. I am obsessive about grammar and spelling. I think I should have been an English teacher. Whenever I read something with bad grammar or spelling mistakes, I want to break out the red pen!

2. My taste in music runs the gamut from country (Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban) to anything 80's to Metallica and Nine Inch Nails. You might even find a tiny bit of rap on my ipod - just no classical!

3. My first job ever was at McDonald's, and it remains one of my favorite jobs ever! I believe I have worked 8 different jobs over the past 15 years, but this one was so much fun! My store was in the mall and everyone I worked with was friends, it was just a great time. I was a manager at 17 and I even got a scholarship from them! Writing this just made me remember how excited I was when I would get a 25 cent raise - imagine that! :-)

4. I hate being touched by strangers. When my mother and I used to take the subway to work together, she would always let me sit at the end of the row, so that she would be the only person next to me - thanks Mom!

5. I'm a giant Red Sox fan - GIANT - I'd rather stay home and watch the Sox than go out - and if I'm out during a Sox game, you can bet I'm watching them on the TV's! They even won the 2004 World Series on my birthday :-)

6. I have been watching soap operas and reading soap opera magazines for years and years. I don't get to watch them as much now, since I work during the day, but I still read my magazines. I keep up on all the shows, but my favorite always has been General Hospital. In high school, if I didn't have an afterschool activity, you could find me on the couch with a bowl of mac and cheese watching GH and when I first went away to college, one way to combat homesickness was to get an ice cream and go to the student center where they played GH on a giant TV.

Well, hope those were random enough! Since this is my first tagging, I want to tag anyone who reads this - so consider yourself tagged! And thanks Mama de Saga, that was fun!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your top. I have made this top, but it turned out to small for me, but I will try again because I love the pattern.

Mama de Saga said...

You are so good writing your pattern reviews. I could never do that because I always do a chop shop job. I enjoyed your random things. It really makes you get thinking!