Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Gift Ideas

Hello there! I meant to post these links on Monday, but didn't have the chance. While looking through my bookmarks I noticed that I have several tutorials that can be grouped together into one category, including baby items, pincushions and purses. Today, I bring you the baby items I have found. I'll post again this week with the others! And again, if anybody makes anything of these tutorials, I'd love to see a pic!

Bibs make really cute and fast gifts - Here is one I found that looks pretty easy and here is one from the Purl Bee blog. Also from the Purl Bee is this quick and cozy blankie.

This website has free patterns for baby bibs, booties, burping cloths and more - looks like they will be adding more soon.

This little lamb would be great to tuck into a basket of gifts for the new baby.

Lastly, here is a tutorial for appliqued onesies - the possibilities are endless!

Just to let you all know, I have not used these tutorials myself, so I don't know how easy or difficult they each are. I have just been bookmarking them to use at some point and thought it might be nice to pass them along. Good luck!

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