Sunday, April 6, 2008


Lots of sewing and planning and shopping going on around here this weekend!

First up, I treated myself to lots of etsy purchases yesterday. I'll show pictures as they arrive. My Softies Kit also arrived yesterday from amazon, I can't wait to try some of the projects out!

I made this wristlet yesterday in the Ginger Blossom print that I love...usually I am scared to death to cut into brand new fabric, but I'm trying to get over that (since I keep ordering more and more fabric!) so I made this right away and I'm loving it!

Today I'm cutting out this pattern and fabric to make the super easy (super easy looking that is) skirt. It's one pattern piece, elastic waist...shouldn't be too hard right??? I know I wanted to use my Sew What? Skirts book for a skirt, but this seemed quicker. I will use it at some point though, since I have sworn off buying more patterns, at least until I start producing some projects from the ones I already have!

I also want to cut out this Built By Wendy top in this great purple fabric I got while in Florida. I want my spring and summer wardrobe to be all cute skirts and simple tops, sandles, bags and headbands...all made by me except the sandals of course, and the occasional piece from Kohls (my favorite store besides Joann's).

Well, enough rambling. The Red Sox are on soon and I have to get back into the sewing room to listen! Have a great day :-)

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kerri said...

That wristlet is great. I love that fabric (there might be some in the stash that I'm too afraid to cut into). You are braver than I.

I'm so glad you found me, thanks for reading. The tutorial will be up soon (needed new fabric to not cut in to! hehe)