Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fabulous Frenchy

Here it is, my finished Amy Butler Frenchy Bag. It came out SO GOOD! I have previously made the handbag version (you can see a picture and a review I wrote of the pattern here) so this time around I made the shoulder bag. It's huge! The fabric is called Night and Day by Robert Kaufman, I bought it from this Etsy seller a few months ago. The interior is polka dots from Joann's. Here's a shot of the inside:

This bag took one afternoon to complete, although this was because I had cut out the fabric and interfacing before. I already entered it in the U-Handblog contest and I'm going to enter it in the Craftzine contest too. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Next up is this Simplicity pattern. I cut out the bottom middle view in this adorable apple print corduroy before I moved and have been procrastinating about it ever since. I'm a little nervous about sewing it together, although it seems simple enough. I really want to sew clothes, so hopefully this will end up good. I'm going to just try it and see what happens. I'm hoping it will come out good so that I will stop being chicken about joining this group. Pictures and a review to come!

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Cathy said...

Ohmigod! That is one fabulous bag!!!! Great job!

Lola...again said...

I love that bag! You made great fabric choices.
I just finished Amy Butlers Sophia bag. Her bags are awesome!

Lina said...

Your bag looks fab. Great apple print for your next project too!