Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I snapped this picture on my way to work a week or so ago....and we are expecting even more snow this week!  I'm planning a snow day for Thursday so hopefully I will get lots of sewing done! 

Some goals for February are:
  • Sew an apron for a friend's mother
  • Sew a bag for my cousin
  • Sew a bag for myself!
  • Make a few more pouches to sell
  • Keep up with blogging (I did good in January - 13 posts!)
  • Pick out and sew a project for the Craft Book Challenge
  • Sew another cowl neck top from this Vogue pattern
That's about it - now that my sewing closet has been reorganized, I am more motivated than ever!  I can't wait til Thursday!  What are some of your goals or plans this month?


Betty said...

I love the ice/frost picture. Congrats on getting organized. You sure are ambitious. My plans... bake a few cakes for friends... take more pictures for my blog, but mostly, like too many people today, I need to find a job.

Eugenia said...

Good luck with your February goals - I haven't worked mine out yet! I love the snowy picture.

Mom said...

You'll have a busy month, for sure. I love how you've been posting lots more. And, your projects - especially the ones for other people - will give you alot of satisfaction. My goals for Feb are to keep watching your posts!!!!