Saturday, January 22, 2011


I went to Joann's this morning and used one of my gift cards.  I got a few new patterns, some purple fleece, buttons, thread and the new issue of Stitch Magazine.  This magazine is so worth the price, you get a bunch of great projects with full-size patterns.  Here are a few I'd like to try from this issue:

Maybe I should also be doing a Crafty Magazine Challenge, I have so many that are filled with great projects!  The purple fleece and buttons I got are for the Crafty Book Challenge.  I needed to find a new project and it has been so cold and snowy around here, I thought a fleece project would be just right! 

Hopefully I can get a little sewing done this weekend.  I started work on another top, but I messed up the sleeves and just wasn't happy with it so into the barrel it went!  I may get some more of the fabric if it is still available.  It was so soft and pretty - I may just make it up in the pattern I used last time.  Happy Sewing!

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