Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stash and Dash, Part II

Hello there! I fried the hard drive to my computer so I have been unable to blog for a bit! I'm actually typing this up at the library and I'll add the picture and post once I get my computer back. :) Luckily all of my pictures and music were able to be saved!!

I wanted to use the Weekends fabric I had just received, so I whipped up this little set. I have made the Stash and Dash pattern before (you can see it here) and I do love it. Each bag was simple to put together and I love how the darts make it that much roomier.

I keep dreaming of garment sewing, but I'm also trying to work from my stash a bit and I don't have a ton of time to sew, so it's been small projects round here lately. I ordered myself a new ipod and a new camera, so I'm going to make pouches for each of them. I'm also going to start collecting some fabric from the Dream On line for a quilt and since it's been so rainy and chilly around here, I'm thinking I need a new pair of flannel pajama pants. Happy Sewing :)

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Mom said...

Welcome back to your blog. Missed your postings. :)