Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've got a bunch of pretty fabric to share today! I fell in love with Erin McMorris' Weekends collection so I had to pick some up - silly me though, I ordered from 2 different sellers and I ordered 2 separate half-yard cuts of one of the same print! That's ok, I'll use it at some point and I am planning on ordering some more fabric when I get paid again, so I'll just add in the missing print I forgot. :)

I took the day off and spent the day with my mom :) We went to breakfast at a diner that we love and then went bowling. After that we hit the city museum and the local fabric store. Now, I have to tell you - I haven't been in Zimman's fabric store in years - probably before I really got into sewing, so probably 5-6 years ago. They specialize in home decorator material, so even though it's in a cool, old building, I haven't been in ages. But we stopped in today and let me tell you - it was amazing!!! Fabric bolts from floor to ceiling! I even found some designer fabric by Jessica Jones of How About Orange!! I was beside myself!
I could only spend a little money though so I grabbed a yard of this adorable owl print. I can't wait to go back! I'm going to check out 2 more somewhat-local fabric stores this weekend - can't wait!


Alyssa Bee said...

The owl fabric is TOO CUTE! Do you have any plans for it?

Mom said...

A wonderful day all around!!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your owl fabric is super cute. Love the Jessica Jones print too. Fabric shopping is so much fun.

Eugenia said...

Beautiful fabrics! Sounds like a wonderful day with Mom.